[Hololive Piano] – Minato Aqua 湊あくあ BGM Not So “Kawaii Aqua” BGM Piano DrewyJin

[Hololive Piano] – Minato Aqua 湊あくあ BGM Not So “Kawaii Aqua” BGM Piano DrewyJin


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So after a few of the Hololive Piano series videos, on and off there’s been a number of people asking if I would be able to do the Kawaii Neko Maid’s BGM…

And I figured I shouldn’t stall any longer 😅

Apologies for the delay, its just that Hololive seems to have a ton of good tunes and songs that fit to my preferences, and there’s ALOT to choose from ^_^ (credits to the original artists of those BGMs and original songs, I wish to compose a simple tune of my own in the future too!)

That said, I had attempted Aqua’s IQ draining BGM at one time… and let’s say I’m building up ideas how to cover it in a way that will be IQ increasing instead of IQ decreasing, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, in response to the numerous comments asking for Aqua’s BGM, here I have arranged a simple style for Aqua’s “Kawaii Aqua” BGM!

And in all honesty… I think I might have made it “Melancholy Aqua” instead of “Kawaii Aqua” lol.

Perhaps choice of instruments do affect the feel of a song, and without an electronic synthesizer to mix the piano voicing, it does seem a bit different compared to the original which had some “add-ons” to the voicing, giving the original a much more “kawaii” feel to it.

Similarly with other BGMs, there are various patterns included to go with the repetitive melodic ideas of the tune. And this time around, I’m also itching to include more scales to “spice up” my arrangements, and start incorporating a variety of elements in my arrangements. This is so that it wouldn’t feel like a bore to repeat the same styles over a long period of time, and can make it a better playing experience =)

You’ll see what I meant at 2:26.

I guess that’s all for the description and some behind the scenes for this video~ Hololive’s Sports festival just ended the day before this video was uploaded, so do catch some of the highlights of the event which rivals that of even the Olympics!

Have a nice day, sheets will be ready soon, and hope ya’ll good lads enjoy this arrangement style for our kawaii meido’s BGM “Kawaii Aqua”!
Thank you for watching!

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