Inugami Korone 戌神ころね : “Hey guys! Story” (Fanmade trailer)

Inugami Korone 戌神ころね : “Hey guys! Story”  (Fanmade trailer)

I hope you like it :’)
I am doing a project where I’ll try to do a documentary about Korone.
This will be hard and will take time but I made a preview so you’ll know the glimpse of what it would be.

►Korone Ch. 戌神ころね

Thank you for all the translators and clippers!

►credits :
0KuroShii ゼロ・クロシー

►Music used :
Up(업) Disney,Pixar(디즈니,픽사)OST “Married Life” PIano Cover, Instrumental [THE PIANO LAB]

Clips used :
►hey guys

►The Origin of the Doggo (Korone’s 1st Stream)

►Meeting the Senpai (Korone’s First Stream)

►Where “yubi yubi” comes from (Korone’s First Stream)

►Deadly Game Of Tag

►Korone regrets she didn’t study English when she’s a child

►Korone Wants to Collab, but is Shy

►Korone – Have Confidence

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